This year, the adults in your class will be:

Teachers: Mrs Jackson (Monday-Wednesday) & Mrs 
Soden (Wednesday-Friday)

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Harding

Teaching Assistant: Miss Lord

Timings of the day

A morning session in Nursery is 8.50am – 11.50am. 

An afternoon session in Nursery is 12.20pm – 3.20pm.

A full day is 8.50 am until 3.20pm.

Investors in Pupils

Our current target is to do super sitting on the carpet, to have kind hands and feet, to share our toys and to tidy them away when we have finished playing with them.

If we manage to do this, our reward will be to get a stamp on our chart. When we get ten stamps, we get a dip in the prize box!


There are lots of fun activities on Purple Mash that you can access at home with your login details. We will sometimes upload activities for you to do linked to what we are learning at nursery and also some stories for you to listen to.