This year, the adults in your class will be:

Teacher: Mrs Hammond-Reid

Teaching Assistants: Miss Bundy

You may also be supported by adults from 6LH. They are:

Teacher: Mr Hutson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Barber

You will also be taught by the following specialist teachers:

French Teacher: Mr Rollason

Music Teacher: Mrs Gray

Mrs Grant will also be teaching groups during the week.

Timings of the day

Our normal start and finish times are 8:50am – 3:20pm.

You can find more information about timings on our school day timings page.

Investors in Pupils

To set an excellent example of kind manners in the classroom and around school.


You will be expected to access TTRockstars and Reading Plus for 30 minutes each during the week, in addition to daily reading for at least 10 minutes. This should be recorded in your home reader which should be brought to school each day. Books will be changed as required. There are lunch time clubs to support reading in school if you would like some help and lots of adults who you can read to.


Our PE day is on Friday.

Come into school in your PE kit. As we might be outside, make sure you are warm enough. Jewellery should be removed and earrings should be taped or taken out.